Friday, November 30, 2007

Online Educa 2007

Hi there - a brief impression from the OnlineEduca in Berlin. A conference worth attending!

  • the 3D topic still rocks. The session I spoke on was packed full - over 100, people sitting on the floor,

  • Back to reality - moodle still rulez,

  • Some interesting other LMS are there like the OLAT platform from Zurich - as it seems many Universities like to grow their own individual system,

  • there is still a big gap between thinks available and those which are implemented right now. The main construction site is still the organizational resistance to change. Organisations need time to change and be able to utilize the benefits of new freedoms.

  • Many focus on language learning, it seems to be in demand (and not too hard to do). Expensive is still the content creation. To me it seems with IP as it is today makes transactions (identifying the right holder of a content and get a licence) very expensive. Thus most stuff existing is in practice not usable

  • For many still computer literacy (and in some regions availability of IT infrastructure) is an issue!

  • The area with most movement seems to be the focus on communities and social networks. Instead of burying materials in databases it is about connecting people who share interest ... I love this.


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