Sunday, August 12, 2007

wanted: native speaker and language teacher

Within the first days of pre-registration we have already received an impressive response. There is demand for our new way of language learning with and we are looking for native speaker and language teacher in various languages. Our pilot will start in September - with German and other languages following quickly.

We are a not-for-profit initiative, but will be able to pay our teachers.

If you would be available to participate in such a role, please register yourself

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Much time have we spent last months to check out if Second Life is a good platform to provide language learning. Now with all the voice capabilities integrated it turns out it is. Our proof of concept turned out to be very encouraging.

Together with IBM Club Austria we are starting a broader pilot to see if second life can host broader program.

Join in if you like, pre-register at

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new construction sites

We are using second life now to coordinate our house - building project between family members and professionals. Of cause the real house will look different, but the idea is to get everyone involved and have a say.

First step was to set up the construction site and give an impression about the surrounding. SL is perfect for that as it creates an 3D environment one can walk through ...

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