Sunday, January 28, 2007

meeting family & friends "for real"

Sometimes one is abroad, leaving family & friends at home. But now there is a place to meet "real".

Human imagination accepts the "alter ego" which represents you in that "Second Life" as "me" and "her/him". Sitting together on that chess table is not only playing chess, but being there, together. It is a shared 3rd place, meeting there will be part of your shared history.

Now if you are on a business trip, you can do something together with your loved ones ...

Thanks to Jörg we now have a chessboard on our clubhouse. Who wants to play? And what will be the next game to meet some more friends ... ?

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Now we have a church too. It happens to be an assignment of a architectural class at TU Vienna. One of them we've put up in the sky. Now we can make the 2nd Life version part of the 1st Life exhibition which is scheduled for fall ...

Thanks to Mira, Zanni and Kristina who did all the work. I am looking for the events we will start there. Wotruba himself was atheist, thus it should be an excellent starting point for many different angles.

Have a look for yourself!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

davos in second life ... or the other way around?

Even on the annual meeting of the most important people on earth in Davos, "Second Life" is a topic.

Reuters is reporting from the issues in "real" and "second" life. Well, virtual worlds are hype in the media and business. Since last year when Business Week pointed out that people start to make money, some even make a living there.

Significant GNP is produced in those worlds. One can find every human emotion there too it starts to come out of the kindergarten age. Or so it seems.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

"in world" art competition

It's easy to build things in Second Life and lots of fun.
But the question is ... what can we do there together?

In games one has quests, thus I decided to start a quest:
I did put some money on the table to do an art competition in Second Life.

The good thing about it is ... YOU can participate
  • as a jury member (everyone can be)
  • or as an artist

There will be an "in world" exhibition and everyone can have a look, can post his opinion ..... and vote!

The art challenge is now open !

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

the fun part

Well I've done some initial buildings ... that really is the fun part,
but there is much open space left.

Next will be to get or do some integrations to Web 2.0 to provide some basic functionality too.

Then there is the run to build a community which gets some utility out of this ...